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1. hi my name is enrique Hernandez

2. i am 17 years old

3. i am fromlubbock texas but please don't hold it against me.

4. the first memory i have as a child iscutting my hand on abroken window pane

5. favorites!
my favorite bands are Placebo, Bright eyes, Thursday,joy division,the smiths,elliot smith,atreyu,the postal service.
my favorite color is blue, not the crappy generic blue but the blue you see in a blow torch and the blue you see around a bolt of lightning
my favorite books are the portriat of Dorian Gray by oscar wilde; catcher in the rye by jd salinger;the collecterby john fowles
my favorite movies are Super-size me, Napoleon Dynamite, The cell
my favorite food is Stir fryied tofu it can be eaten with a spork yes!
my favorite word is fugaz ( its spanish for fleeting)
my favorite key on the keyboard is ~
6. random: "Mr. Beasly?"
x the worst joke: i've ever heard is what did the computer programer get on his essay in english? A C++ (told ya it sucked)
my nickname is: The Cuban, The Hero, home strech dog
your mom is: cool, back in the day she met The Ramones. I f she had gone to their party i could of been a son of a ramone!
x the best adjective to describe me is: sciurine an adjective for squirrel

7.i am so rad because: my friend johnathan, iam the only one of his friends they trust

8.i have had my toenail hurt in june: yes, at the swimming pool

9.word association
walrus: ku ku kachoo
pedro the lion: Love it!!
lily: blue
penguin: emporer
thighs: interesting.....
george dubya bush never let a texan into office or he is going to blow stuff up.

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