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1. hi my name is Lily.

2. i am 16 years old

3. i am from boston, massachusetts, but please don't hold it against me.

4. the first memory i have as a child is being able to breath in through my nose and out through my mouth at the same time. no, i swear, i can remember that.

5. favorites!
x my favorite bands are (at least five) bright eyes, death cab for cutie, cursive, modest mouse, neutral milk hotel, dashboard confessional (so sue me), badly drawn boy, desparecidos, ben folds five, pedro the lion, fugazi
x my favorite color is i don't have one, because (yes, tell us why, bitch) it depends on my mood. i can override this because i came up with the question.
x my favorite books are (at least 3) sopie's world, the once and future king, the perks of being a wallflower
x my favorite movies are (at least 3) empire records, amelie, bowling for columbine, the little mermaid
x my favorite food is wintergreen chewing gum. it can be eaten with a spork fetch yes.
x my favorite word is defenestrate
x my favorite key on the keyboard is *

6. random
x the worst joke i've ever heard is what do you call cheese that doesn't belong to you? nacho cheese.
x my nickname is well...lil...but my friend is trying to make my nickname succubus.
x your mom is good in bed.
x the best adjective to describe me is rambunctious

7. i am so rad because your mom told me so last night.

8. i have had my toenail hurt in june of course.

9. word association, bitches
x walrus cannonball
x pedro the lion july 8th
x lily pad
x penguin dance
x thighs not again
x george dubya bush hahahaha

10. and at least one picture of yourself. we the mods are camera whores and have many many pictures, but post at your discretion, whatever number you so desire. remember though, that no picture = you're probably some creepy old 35-year-old with an exorbitant amount of chest hair. prove us wrong, or automatic no!!

me on the left


on left again


and i say i'm in, because i'm the mod, damnit!


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