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be impressed be very impressed

1. hi my name is Sarah

2. i am 16 years old

3. i am from coeur d'alene, boise, and/or pullman, but please hold it all against me.

4. the first memory i have as a child is sitting in the crib watching the dog make a mess of the things in the room, then my parents coming in and blaming me for it. no, really.

5. favorites!
x my favorite bands are (at least five) dave matthews band, matchbox twenty, barenaked ladies, nickel creek, everclear, counting crows, that's all i can think of right now
x my favorite color is all of them because (yes, tell us why, bitch) i like them all
x my favorite books are (at least 3) empire falls, hard love, dreamcatcher, interview with the vampire
x my favorite movies are (at least 3) empire records, secret window, dreamcatcher, interview with the vampire, augie rose
x my favorite food is flying pie pizza. yes it can be eaten with a spork
x my favorite word is every word. i have finally come to the conclusion that i am in love with words, so i can't have a favorite because then they'll get jealous of each other ;)
x my favorite key on the keyboard is &

6. random
x the worst joke i've ever heard is one ahmed told me involving pinnochio, his girlfriend, and sandpaper *surpresses shudder*
x my nickname is weebles, sissy, flop, sweetness
x your mom is hott
x the best adjective to describe me is ohmygod

7. i am so rad because i say i am, dammit

8. i have had my toenail hurt in june of course! ;)

9. word association, bitches
x walrus eggman
x pedro the lion seattle
x lily yay! :)
x penguin aunt sharon
x thighs ugh
x george dubya bush moron

10. and at least one picture of yourself. we the mods are camera whores and have many many pictures, but post at your discretion, whatever number you so desire. remember though, that no picture = you're probably some creepy old 35-year-old with an exorbitant amount of chest hair. prove us wrong, or automatic no!!

that would be me getting somewhat embarrassed because donny is tying my shoe for me and dad was taking a picture of it

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