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i might be a bad person.

simply because this is not anne. this is lily, logged on as anne, because she posted this in her own journal, silly girl, and i am just moving it, and adding pictures, because i love her and will never log on as her again because that is a little creepy.

1. hi my name is _Anne and yes i am an alcoholic

2. i am ___17__ years old

3. i am from _____Idaho_, but please don't hold it against me.

4. the first memory i have as a child is __walking to the store with my aunt_.

5. favorites!
x my favorite bands are (at least five) 1)Weezer
2) dashboard confessional
3) death cab for cutie
4) Bright eyes
5) the entire cast of rent

x my favorite color is_____Green and blue____ because (yes, tell us why, bitch)
x my favorite books are (at least 3) 1) harry potter
3) sophie’a world
x my favorite movies are (at least 3) 1) donny darko
2) bowling for columbine
3) … I don’t know
x my favorite food is ___macronie n cheese and yes you can use a spork! e eaten with a spork y/n
x my favorite word is _________racecar… it’s the same both ways!
x my favorite key on the keyboard is __gah not the sticky f key nooooooooooooooooo

6. random
x the worst joke i've ever heard is __you (me) are pretty
x my nickname is ___ sexy woodchuck!
x your mom is ____hott (with two t’s)
x the best adjective to describe me is _________Random

7. i am so rad because _I pay you to think that

8. i have had my toenail hurt in june y/n definitely … I drop something on it I swear!

9. word association, bitches
x walrus __ me in a bathing suit… ewww
x pedro the lion _ glorious
x lily PRETTY
x penguin __ OUR NEW KINGS
x thighs ___ thunder
x george dubya bush ___ “ I am in a room with the haves and the have more some call you the elite I call you my base”


that is anne and she is hot

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