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toehurtsinjune's Journal

Elite for Eliteness Sake
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Rules? NO!

oh wait...yes.

1. apply, apply...but dear god, follow the app! geez louise.
2. lj-cut your application, oh please...not just the pictures, the whole damn thing.
3. this is not a "rating community." yes, your acceptance will be voted on, but no, we will not "rate you." if you become a member, don't rate applicants. that just sucks.
4. you will notice that this community has no theme, per se. it isn't about music, it isn't about looks. you will be asked to list your favorite bands and to post pictures of yourself, but we won't fault you if you're not spectacularly gorgeous, or if your bands are not of a specific genre. we'll just judge you on coolness. and hey guess what. there're only two of us mods. and we set the precedent for coolness, deal with it.
5. as we are in the very very nascent stages of this community, you must whore it out! that means "come join toehurtsinjune" on your journal, please.

(a bit of background: we wanted to find some way to be elite, the only thing we could think of was that we'd both had our big left toenails ripped off...in june...sarah's by a vacuum cleaner and lily's in a terrible fort-building accident. so if you've hurt your toe in june, you get extra points)


1. hi my name is ______________________

2. i am _____ years old

3. i am from ___________, but please don't hold it against me.

4. the first memory i have as a child is ________________.

5. favorites!
x my favorite bands are (at least five) ____________________
x my favorite color is__________________ because (yes, tell us why, bitch)
x my favorite books are (at least 3) ________________________
x my favorite movies are (at least 3 ___________________________
x my favorite food is ________________. it can be eaten with a spork y/n
x my favorite word is _________
x my favorite key on the keyboard is __________

6. random
x the worst joke i've ever heard is __________________
x my nickname is ____________
x your mom is ____________
x the best adjective to describe me is _________

7. i am so rad because ___________

8. i have had my toenail hurt in june y/n

9. word association, bitches
x walrus ___________
x pedro the lion ___________
x lily ___________
x penguin _________
x thighs ________
x george dubya bush _________

10. and at least one picture of yourself. we the mods are camera whores and have many many pictures, but post at your discretion, whatever number you so desire. remember though, that no picture = you're probably some creepy old 35-year-old with an exorbitant amount of chest hair. prove us wrong, or automatic no!!

and oh man. lj cut is your best friend.

www.photobucket.com is a tremendous host for any kind of picture. it's free. use it.

bye now!